Unique Naturewonderland

      The Bodetal with its sheer rock walls, wild forests and blooming mountains meadows is captivating. Bony roots, scary silhouettes or even real witches give you an idea of where you are: The Bodetal, in
      the Sagenharz.

      Hufabdruck auf der Rosstrappe (Foto: Matthias Haltenhof)

      The popular holiday region, that reaches from the Rappbodetalsperre near the town of Wendefurth to the Königgstein rock near the city Westerhausen, has many more natural attractions to offer.

      Equally known and popular are the rock plateaus of the Hexentanzplatz and the Rosstrappe, at the end of the Bodetal, which grant amazing views on the Harz foreland.

      The Teufelsmauer near Weddersleben is one of the oldest nature reserves in Germany due to its unique sandstone formation and so it is also well worth to be seen.

      Active holidays in diverse nature

      Lupinen am Ochsensumpfteich

      Naturally quiet and magically beautiful lay the countless mixed forests around the >>Mightiest cliff gorge north of the alps<<. In combination with blooming mountain meadows, gurgling streams and refreshing forest lakes, it forms the Wanderarena Bodetal, which fascinates thousands of hikers and nature lovers every year.

      Mountain biker, racing cyclists and numerous other sportsmen highly appreciate the natural beauty of the Bodetal Sagenharz. While climbers can engage in their hobby outside of the nature reserves, the Bodetal thermal bath Thale offers Wellness vacationists a stunning panorama view on the magical uplands.